You know when you dont know? yah, thats me. My name is Earl. But no cerealsly, im a professional gamer. Anyhow, i like games and hentai and apperantly they like me too so thats a good thing, right? NO! They're both racist. They're bad people. They're not welcome to the society. Anways, you've just spent 30 seconds reading this non-sense, just letting you know.

Im a usual guy who works alot at the gym you know. And gettin dem PUZZIES after the party you know, like the FRESH PUZZIEZ! Anywho, im the kinda guy you would love. :-) <- Fuckin retard smile right there. Anyways, i do not travel around the entire fucking globe just to spend a little time playing videogames with other nerds, like very wow who does that right i know right, right? Only professional gamers do that nerd nerdi nerdo thingies, im not nerd you racist nerd nerfherder you. Anyone THAT EVEN MENTION that im a professional gamer is a dumb racist who likes games and hentai. Im not racist nor do I judge anyone, but I do not agree with black olives. I like the green ones, the green ones does not make much noise when you eat right. Like the black ones you know, they fuckin be like MOI BUENO IMPORTANTE, and then this little mexican guy comes from that black olive and says, AGAIN, "MUI IMPORTANTE! :O" Anyways im almost out of time, gotta watch some hentai. Sum people say that hentai is like gay and wierd. WELL UR MOM IS GAY AND MAYBE WIERD, YOU GODAMN NAZI RACIST. Anywho, this is the longest english text ive written in my entire life and its only about some hokus-pokus hentai gay ass gaming fuckery. Like why are you still here reading this, What the fuck is wrong with you. Youre wierder than me! Ive spent like 20 minutes on this crap, and because of what? ITS MY FUCKING INTERNET PROVIDERS FAULT, fucking fuck faggets. Their name is Com Hem AB, what/who would even create a bullcrap shinneningan like this? I bet its illumunati. It must be him; Brocolo Obama.....

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