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Possibly the most enigmatic Guitarist and Singer of the twentieth Century is currently one of the most revered and respectable of all Musicians who constitute the Genre of the Blues.. I speak of course about the wonderful Robert Leroy Johnson. Be taught further on go here for more info by visiting our novel portfolio. Born in 1911 in Hazelhurst Mississippi, in a Deep South plantation, he, in his pitifully short life is now one of the founding Fathers of the Blues.

He saved only 3-6 sides over an interval of a couple of months between November 1936 and June 1937 in San Antonio Texas.These amazing tracks still bring tears to the eyes of Blues lovers the world over and formed the experience of the music of today.

The post-war Blues of Chicago owe a great debt to Robert Johnson and it's sad to think what might have been had he lived! In just a few short years he matured from the young black musician right into a superstar of his time.The usually recurring legend was perpetuated by his contemporaries that he sold his soul to the Devil in substitution for his remarkable guitar practices.

His history is certainly one of difficulty tinged with good success in his own locality of the Delta and women were considered rendered powerless as h-e performed his compositions. His death at the hand of a jealous husband at the age of twenty seven robbed the world of among Americas best actually Musicians and Blues artists.

Years after his death in 1938, an image was uncovered, among only two around. I-t shows not just his inimitable style of dress but quite impressive thin hands which helped him to attain his special mastery of the bottleneck guitar technique. Continue Reading includes new resources about how to ponder this enterprise. He is shown in a chalkstripe match which will have been notably overstated for a man in his position at that time.When I first saw that photograph the one thing above all else, that stood out were his beautiful long hands that enveloped your guitar fingerboard and certainly caressed it like it was a Lady powerless in his arms!

Think about his subject matter well nothing much has changed in the passing of time; this old, painful method of unrequite