Atlanta, GA

What do we do?

On a very basic level, we develop custom software solutions for a variety of businesses and organizations.

Who are we?

We have 11 years of programming experience combined with 16 years of Sales Managent and Marketing experience to form a unique approach to software and system based problem solving.

Why BigHouse?

Because we service a wide variety of customer types, we see ourselves as a company that provides a variety of software solutions "all under one roof"

How did we get started?

In many ways, by virtue of necessity. In our conversations with every day businesses and organizations, we found gaps between solutions being offered 'in the box' and what was actually being utiized or needed. By offering a customized solution tailored to the needs of a handful of customers, we found that the appetite for these types of solutions was much greater than we anticipated...thus the birth of BigHouse Software.