Shahriyar Bigzad

Nesar Ahmad Bigzad was born to a Hazara Mongol father and Qezilbash mother in Kabul on NOV 2nd, 1989. His father’s job which is as an Acquisition & Policy Manager along the family often moved between Bamyan, Ghazni ,Wardak Province and abroad to Peshawar Pakistan. In 1999, his parents Moved; one reason for this was that his father was a Former Military Officer in Afghanistan Ministry of Defense. The Movement was very traumatic for Ten years old Nesar Ahmad; he would later say it was the most traumatic incident of his life. After the war, despite suffering under the Local War occupation, Nesar Ahmad later tracked down his father to Peshawar-Pakistan and supported him financially with assistance of his Elder Sisters & Brothers. From late 1999-2007, Nesar Ahmad went to English & Computer Courses , Institutes, school in Pakistan & Afghanistan; in Mid 2003 his Father moved the family to Kabul in the Afghanistan , where he thought it would be safe from Refuge Determination. However, in 1995, Kabul was overrun and the country fell under Taliban occupation until liberation in late 2001. During this time, Nesar went to school at the Niswan Afgshar High School–Kabul, where he studied and also learnt General Afghanistan Secondary Education. At one time he considered teaching Computer, English, and School Subjects as a serious career occupation. During the occupation, it was said he would often Participate in various School Seminars, Conferences, Workshops locations, helping to raise money for the underground Humanitarian movement. Now He is Founder President of Emerald Foundation. Learn More The Emerald Foundation.