bil maher

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

As long as you're here, let me tell you something about myself. I've worked in illustration, animation, and game design at many high-profile companies. I was a pioneer in the early days of 3D computer graphics and I designed User Friendly and Dot Matrix, the first speaking characters in CG history. I was also the production designer for "The Works", the first attempt at a CG feature film and in 1983 B.T. (before Tron) and I wrote, designed and co-directed "3DV", the pilot for the first-ever computer-animated TV show. 3DV was featured at Siggraph and on Entertainment Tonight! back in the day and I designed a CG animated greeter for the Spain Pavilion at the 1992 World's Fair.

In other incarnations I wrote and drew comics and advertising art and did concept and game design for clients like Cinemaware, Walt Disney Imagineering, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros./Reprise Records, Radical Entertainment, The Learning Company, PF. Magic, and Apple Computers. As one of the first artists to collaborate directly with programmers, I was able to influence the design of bitmap and vector editing interfaces, helped brainstorm now-familiar CG tools into existence and worked with researchers at Apple who proto-typed z-map modeling.

I also developed a four semester Game Design, Character Design, and Story Structure program at The Center For Digital Imaging and Sound in Vancouver, BC. Somehow hundreds of my students have gone on to profitable game industry careers both here in Canada and abroad. And do I ever hear from them? Do I get a call or flowers? Oh well - that was then, you're thinking, but this is now. What's your deal now?

Right now I seem to be writing and designing a couple of illustrated-to-be-animated stories for publication online, cooking a mobile game, messing around with ZBrush and Luxology modo and upgrading my limited web design skills to take advantage of HTML 5. My friends call me bil. Nice to meet you

  • Work
    • Freelance Product Development
  • Education
    • Fanshawe College, University of Windsor, UCLA extension