Bilal Kamoon

Beirut, Lebanon


27 August 1994, Tripoli


Second year Computer Science at Lebanese University - Faculty of Science


Arabic, Enligsh, French

C, C++, javascript, CSS, HTML, Assembly, LISP..


Started a blog ( at the age of 16, designed it from scratch, monetized it, gained 400k views using SEO techniques, made 270€ using Google Adsense..

-leadership: started the Free Huggers NGO at 17, with more than 30 successful events so far, 1k+ likes on facebook, 8k+ views on our youtube video , and featured on many newspapers, online websites and blogs..

-social networking: experience in facebook pages, youtube channels, reddit, stumbleupon, google+.. 4k+ follower on my main account, 18.2k+ on a parody account-ingress: operator and coordinator for Lebanon in the worldwide, strategic, augmented reality game, Ingress. Succefully planned and coordinated international operations (sitreps: created using html, css and javascript. Which simulates conversations from the omgle website.

  • Education
    • Lebanese University - Faculty of Science