steve alvarez

I graduated this June, of 2012 with a Master's of Science degree in School Psychology and with a bilingual certification in Spanish, from Touro College's Graduate School of Psychology program. Currently, I am looking to obtain a position as a Bilingual School Psychologist in a New York City community school in need of a clinician who can provide both monolingual and bilingual services. My professional experiences, including my graduate studies, have provided me with the skills necessary to not only to fulfill the responsibilities of a bilingual school psychologist, but to be a valuable asset school in a broader capacity. Throughout this past school year I worked as a bilingual school psychology intern within three New York City public schools in Spanish Harlem, while receiving professional development training all throughout the month of September and nearly every Friday since. I hope that you will take a moment to explore my portfolio of graduate school work in accordance with National Association of School Psychologists, provided in the link below.

Graduate School of Psychology at Touro College Culminating Project