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☕ Mr Bill Cockrell (RoosterNZ) ن

Elder in Auckland, New Zealand

☕ Mr Bill Cockrell (RoosterNZ) ن

Elder in Auckland, New Zealand

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I believe - God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Originally born in a small town called Fairfield, Texas. I am hard of hearing and wear two hearing aids.

Son of Clyde Ray & Louise Cockrell (both deceased & missed) Graduated from Fairfield High School (Texas) Received Theology Degree from C.B. (Texas) Locksmithing & Electronics degree from NRI School, (Washington DC)

My Dad and I did Locksmithing together as a Family business for 20 years and I still do what I can for family & friends.

Married in 15th of April,2002 to my lovely wife Delwyn, moved and lived in New Zealand since 2004, Have two wonderful stepsons and one wonderful daughter-in-law and two granddaughters & other heaps of great family and friends. God has truly blessed me.

Elder @ Grace Baptist Church of Second Life (Cyber Church)

*Political side* Conservative

I believe and only will support in the marriage of one man and one woman as God intended.

I believe in the right to bear arms in protecting yourself or family.

I am totally against Abortion - that's a human being end of story!

I give great thanks to Veterans who have fought for Freedom and for Christianity.

I am thankful for the many missionaries who constantly put their lives on the line for the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Grace of God through Christ Jesus and the comfort we have of the Holy Spirit and the Blessings to have God's word forever before us.

I am thankful for Ministers who preach the Truth of Christ even though it's not popular.

As Isaiah 40:8 says "The Grass withereth the flower fadeth but the Word of Our God shall stand forever!! "

I Love different varieties of music from ole Christian hymns, Bluegrass, Country some Jazz and occasionally other music.

God Bless! RoosterNZ

  • Work
    • Grace Baptist Church SL
  • Education
    • Fairfield High School