Bill Martin

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I am a husband, father, brother, son, grandfather, author and a founding ministry leader who has a heart and passion for people who are facing or passing through difficult storms (situations) in their life. I have a loving and kind spirit and will help people any way I can that are truly in need. In the secular world I have been a top performing sales and operations manager who has the ability to work with, manage, motivate and communicate with all types of people and personalities. I succeed in just about all task set before me and I have been a successful business owner in multiple industries. Everything I put my hand to grew at a rapid pace and no matter what I did or where I was, opportunities clung to me as if I were a magnet. However, I am human and have made my share of mistakes. A little over ten years ago I received my true calling in life when my family and I had to pass through a very difficult time when a storm came upon our life that we would have never imagined could be possible. A storm that was bad, but good in other ways. Even though it was a very hard and difficult time, it made me a stronger man, it grew my faith stronger than it already was, it allowed me to learn how to hear God's voice when He speaks to me and it stored up His word on the inside of me so I could help others who were dealing with storms in their own life by providing them with the Hope and Encoureagement they need. I still excel in everything I do, but now it is different. This new calling on life gave me another gift of being able to understand the storms and hurts that others are dealing with and a passion to help them any way I can. It made me more emotional at times as I feel the hurt they are passing through, and emotionally joyful when thinking about the experience and love I received from God. I have included a link to a short 15 minute video that is a brief testimony of my story regarding the storm my family and I had to pass through in our life. The purpose is to prayerfully be able to show others that No Matter What they may be facing or passing through in their life, there is Hope available to them. Believe me, I have been there and done that and I can truly say "I Understand". If you need prayer, I am here. If you need Encouragement, I am here. If you need Hope, Jesus is waiting on you. My Testimony I hope you are encouraged by my brief st