Bill McDonald


My priority in this life is to follow in the steps of Jesus Christ, working to follow his example. This impacts everything I do in my life. From my family to my work, I am always live my life in a way that is pleasing to Him and demonstrate the gratitude that I have for the great salvation He has brought to my life.


Married to my wonderful wife since June of 1994. I cannot imagine life without her. She has become my best friend and I can count on her to support me regardless of the situation.


I have three wonderful children that help give my life it's color. Life before them was dull and boring, they bring vitality to my life and I am grateful that the lord has entrusted me with the care of these three gifts.

Mortgage Lender

I enjoy helping people. I am blessed to be in a position to be able work with people as they achieve one of pillars of the American dream, Home Ownership. It is a great joy to be a part of bringing such happines to families during what can be a stressful and trying time. There are many elements to obtaining a home loan and many more than can hinder getting the final approval which can be trying for someone that has their belongings in a box and trying to schedule moving trucks. I enjoy being able to allieviate some of that stress by taking care of their home loan details. My favorite part of my job is being able to make the phone call when the last detail has been handled and telling the buyer that we are clear to close and the loan papers are ready for the closing table