Billy Riegelmann

New York City, New York

Creative Communcations Consultant with a Military background living in New York City. Music and travel junkie who is always looking for his next adventure.

"Very versatile", "meticulous", "talented", "consummate team player", "provides exceptional results with minimal supervision", "dedicated and resourceful", "highly motivated", "his performance and attention to detail are outstanding." - These are just a few accolades given to me by my collegues.

After a four year tour in the US Navy, I moved to New York City to persue a career in Communcations. While attending Pace University, I have worked as a Creative Communications Consultant, working with firms in the fields of finance, manufacturing, and entertainment.

A 3 year pet project of mine has been running, a news blog dedicated to Madonna. Through the use of creative social media practices, I now have an online presence with over 100,000 followers.