Bina Emanvel

Berlin, Germany

I seek knowledge constantly and I love to work with people because collaboration has yielded some of my most satisfying professional experiences. For example:

1. Being part of MSL India's founding digital team.

2. Building and implementing the HeroRAT social media campaign, which ranked #12 on Klout’s list of the world’s most influential NGOs, in May 2013.

3. Using high-quality crowdfunding persuasion and donor relations to raise online funds for a social innovation-based non-profit.

4. Leading the all-India multi-stakeholder public, media and industry advocacy campaigns for a not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization.

5. Working with media from across six continents.

6. Assisting UNDP's democratic governance cluster to organize the first ever Regional Human Rights Conference in Bangladesh.

7. Serving as contributor and co-editor of India’s leading communications industry site, @dvocable.

8. Serving on the Board of a dynamic NGO.

9. Sharing new media skills with a UN communications group, a grassroots NGO, a youth-focussed think tank, a global environmental campaigning NGO, and post-grad schools.

  • Education
    • Human Rights Law, Sociology, Marketing Management, Business