Bingham Willoughby

Singhampton, Canada

Listening to Bing, is like being told secrets. Chiming acoustic guitars, mingle with intimate, cinematic lyrics. Themes of love, isolation, redemption, hope (both lost and found). Raw. Honest. From the heart. Bingham Willoughby: solo, acoustic, singer/songwriter, indie, pop, story-teller.

Bing's music has drawn comparisons to the Smiths, Roy Orbison, Lloyd Cole, Neil Young and the Byrds. Once being boldly proclaimed as: "Belle & Sebastian, meets Dylan."

"The mere fact that people have compared me, to artists who I consider to be rock-poets–I just find humbling. Being told your guitar playing reminds someone of Johnny Marr or your lyrics make them think of Dylan–that makes all the hard work you put into the writing and recording, really worthwhile. The goal of every single person who makes a record is, for it to hit people on an emotional level, and when you're presented with evidence that you've succeeded–it's just very gratifying."

  • Work
    • Producer at Hurry Up Comfort Records
  • Education
    • BA Honors