Biniam Yibaleh

So there is no new truth, but only a fresh revelation of ancient truth, as she testified in the Scriptures ''...The Saga Continues...

Freedom means being able to determine her / his life ( by long term strategies for peace) and acting according to ends and decisions. or FREE is the man when she / he stood only under the rule of reason, and not under the animalistic desires of warlords and their henchmen. On the question of the freedom of the human will, i call that is free of the matter, which consists of the mere necessity of its nature........ If without our doing a sensible decision appears to ourselves and our people, just the same necessity as hunger and thirst, we cannot only follow by force, and then our freedom is an illusion.

So un free people are trapped people.
So you can see that we use not liberty in a free decide, but in a clear need. By. Biniam Yibaleh