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Implementing a regularly scheduled mealplan is one way to train your body to manage hunger and thwart peskycravings. Decide on a set time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ifyou find yourself feeling especially hungry, you can supplement yourcaloric intake with a scheduled snack time between meals. This helpsyour body establish a normal routine, which will stave off thoserandom, all-of-a-sudden, snack attacks.

Reduce fatty foods from your dietsignificantly. In some cases there are no "non fat" optionsfor the food you really like. Eat less of these or if you areseriously overweight, eliminate them from your diet completely for awhile. If your original diet includes significant amount of fatty orgreasy food, substitute them from the other food groups.

Splurge on a great tasting meal made oflow calorie foods every once in a while. Some foods that fall underthis category include lobster, shrimp, and salmon. You will berewarding yourself with a delicious meal while still sticking to lowcalorie intake. Looking forward to these meals can help you stick toyour goals.