Prabangkara Danadyaksa

Artist and Photographer in Central Java, Indonesia

Prabangkara Danadyaksa

Artist and Photographer in Central Java, Indonesia

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Bi was born in Pekalongan, Indonesia, 1991. In 2012 graduated from the Indonesian Open University, Diploma in Library. In 2016 He graduated from the Politechnic State of Jakarta. Diploma in Kriya Textile Design, Design Graphic and Publishing Faculty. He works in painting, illustration, writing and photography. He has participated in some exhibitions in Indonesia. For the last one year working with a fashion photo studio in a Batik Factory.. His paintings are in private collections in the country and abroad.

♠Joint exhibitions

– “Gorights” Sketsaku Poster Exhibition, Taman Menteng, Jakarta’


– “Pelangi Budaya Nusantara” Costume Batik Carnival , Pekalongan, Central Java

– October, “Dialectica” Contemporary Art Exhibition , Central Java

– April 14-16th, 111 Pekalongan Anniversary, Passion Art Market Exhibition , Central Java

♠ Book:

♠ Antologi105(BatikJuly2010) - Antologi/poet with Dewan Kesenian Kota Pekalongan

♠ Unseen, NightmareStory, KUPER (SP 2009, NB May2012) - Novel/Antologi/FF

♠ Kilometer(ByPassFeb2013) -ShortStory/FlashFiction with @pacaranLDR

♠ Antologi Cinta (ByPassMar2013) -ShortStory/FlashFiction with @klubbuku

♠ Indonesia Dalam Titik 13 (AswajaJogyaMar2013) - poet with Dewan Kesenian Kota Pekalongan

♠Winner of Article Fest by Alliance of Independent Journalist - OxFam "Keadilan Pangan"

♠ Love Never Fails #4 (

♠ Negeri1000Hati(2014) - ShortStory/FlashFiction

♠ HeartBreak.inch(2014)

♠ Di Udara, Kress, Levitation

♠ Ashdrah Racana Comic

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