Bisola Orimalade


A bit about me...I live in the UK with my beautiful three children and my fab husband.

So, professionally, I connect small local businesses with Google, I help my clients get online and mobile, increase visibility, drive traffic and increase sales. All this, I do through Local, Mobile, Internet and Social Marketing.

I believe the needs of small businesses should not lack behind the big players when it comes to the internet. I love empowering and encouraging my clients to move with the times, to position themselves at their clients finger tip.

Personnally, I love spending time at home with my family. I also enjoy reading suspense novels that takes me far far away...

I am very ethicical personally and professionally. Everything I do, my christian faith is at the core.

I would love to connect with you for a chat about how I can help you with your small business.

Speak soon x

oh, I am also love to network, I am always on the look out for people I can bring together to do business.

Together we can achieve more...