biswa rath


Oh yes…its addictive! Trust me…today I look at things from an angle….will it come in the right frame or not? Will I be able to capture the colors behind my lens…etc etc? I believe, if you are passionate about something in life, you walk that extra mile to get it PERFECT. Not that I have reached perfection….but my intentions are to click the perfect FRAME. You can call it passion…love….desire….zeal or even a hobby; I just love capturing anything and everything under the sun. Trying to improve with each click, photography gives me tremendous joy and a sense of accomplishment when I click the button.

I welcome you all to my little window of passion ’bclicks’ that stands for “biswa clicks”, through which I can take you through varied emotions, moments, colors, lighting, props, poses, apertures; capturing the perfect moment, in short…. to MY PHOTOGRAPHY.