Shiva Biswa

Hi, My Name is Shiva Biswa. I was born in Nepal in June 26th 1997. Let's introduce you little bit about my parents.

In 1992 my parents left Bhutan and they came to Nepal and our family started lived there in Nepal as a refugee 20 years.City Called Sanischare Morang Camp.

Later, Our family wanted to come to the United States. And then, my family get permission from I.O.M. resettlement project in Nepal began in October 2007 and is expected to continue through December 2016.

We started process for migration to move in the Washington in the United States from Nepal.

I.O.M. resettlement activities include file preparation, organization of selection missions, case tracking, cultural orientation, health assessments, and finally movement.

Now, we're recently resides in Des Moines, Washington with our family.... :)