Danny Bizumuremyi

Massachusetts, United States

Hello there,

Thank you for checking out my blog. I come from a culture where our most cherishable memories are told from a word of mounth but I am one of the young minds who want to keep a record in form of writings.

People used to make it a joke that if you want to hide an african something you hide it in a book. Now, Africa and especially Rwanda are very literate and this argument cannot stand anymore.

However, when old people are gone, they leave with much knowledge that the next generation will hardly know about. This is where my interest of writing came from. Sharing knowledge and writing for fun for our cultures have amazing stuff to be shared with the world, I believe!

Leave a comment or make any suggestion. Though I primarily write in English I am a fifth English speaker so sometimes you will have to forgive some mistakes I make. You may ask a question why I dont primarily write in my mother tongue? If you allow me to answer it with a question, may I ask how many people who have computers back there? I am sure you are not reading this in a prin form. When the time allows I will publish some ideas maybe as in to share with my brethern.

I hope you enjoy some stories I feature on this blog! Enjoy your reading.



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