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Dan Plech

Daniel’s zeal for entrepreneurism began early. He started his first business at the ripe old age of 12. (And that was after first working in his parent’s business!) Daniel has over fifteen years of management, consulting, and finance experience. Along the way, Daniel developed a passion for helping budding entrepreneurs with their business plans. He knows what works – and what doesn’t. His “been there, done that” business plan experience ranges widely across hundreds of plans in every possible business sector: transportation, retail, restaurants, clubs, marketing, financial services, and non-profits. Daniel prides himself on going the extra mile to deliver highly personal and customized services to clients. (Ask him to tell you the tattoo parlor story.) Daniel is a proud member of the Markham, Ontario Board of Trade, and a mentor for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, JVS Toronto and the YMCA. He has also developed and hosted business educational workshops; ever the entrepreneur he is now planning a new educational venture.