Björn Müller

Writer and Editor in Berlin, Deutschland

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'The Press is the toothpick of the nation' said the italian comedian Roberto Benigni.

I share his opinion and love my role as a 'toothpick' - unearthing information and facts. Recently, this has been in the field of security politics in Germany - working for 'Y' (Magazine for the German Armed Forces) or Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for example. Apart from that, I also like to introduce the seasonal hairstyle trends of oriental women in my 'Kiez' (neighborhood) in Berlin to the readers of '', the local online gazette.

Before writing as a Freelancer, I worked for 'politik & kommunikation' - a special-interest magazine for politicians and lobbyists, analyzing current trends in political campaigning and communication.

My blog on security politics:

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