Bjorn Ahbel

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Bjorn is on a quest to build lean organizational structures that unlock potential.

This passion was sparked by his experience as president of a 60 person leadership development organization while earning his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rochester.

Bjorn developed data-driven decision making skills after three years on product design teams for two Fortune 500 companies. This included IBM, where he designed supercomputers that power the stock market, 80% of banks worldwide, and every Visa credit card transaction.

He now works with startups to unlock organizational potential with a human-centered approach to operations, including Run For America, where he provided structure for 150% employee growth in 72 days by designing 10 operational processes, leading group training sessions, and writing onboarding curriculum.

In his free time Bjorn works as a sound recording engineer, flies power kites, and can be found relaxing in his hammock.

  • Work
    • IBM
  • Education
    • University of Rochester