Bjørnulf Østvik

Entrepreneur, Technologist, and Developer in the United States

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Bjørnulf Østvik is an entrepreneur, technologist, and developer. He specializes in advanced technology development and commercialization, and is particularly focused on resource recovery and re-use.

He is founder and CEO of Ecogensus, an advanced technology company focused on the conversion of solid wastes (such as municipal solid waste/household garbage) into high-value energy resources. He also founded VikingPeak Energy, a project development and energy company focused generally on advanced energy projects. In the U.S., VikingPeak Energy is developing projects that use Ecogensus technology.

After working at a law firm in Washington D.C., Bjørnulf’s career quickly shifted towards technology development, engineering, project development and complex systems when he went to work as an ‘entrepreneur’ within Lockheed Martin Corporation. He worked as a portfolio manager, business development manager and program manager and was responsible for identifying, developing and championing new technologies. It was during his time at Lockheed that he became particularly interested in the energy sector.

Bjørnulf believes disruptive technology pathways and approaches can contribute to solving major global problems, even lifting people from poverty and empowering populations. Ecogensus solutions can be used globally and on a distributed basis, particularly benefitting developing countries.