Bridget Knight

Master Franchisee Partner in Cape Town, South Africa

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My Dad’s job meant that growing up I had the privilege of living all over the world, until my early teens, when my family settled in Durban, South Africa.

My educational training was in Personal Training, then Life Coaching. I have always chosen to work on a freelance basis, and combine these two skills, as the results where more effective, then just doing personal training. I spent fifteen years, training clients in various gyms, but always looking for something more.

In 2013 I bought and renovated a building, to create a Wellness Centre. The reason why I thought my business would work was by virtue of the fact that I had been in the Health & Fitness industry for many years. Little did I know that to start a business takes more than owning a building. My biggest challenge was knowing how to build a client base, which is why I now know first-hand that without having a referral marketing strategy, you will have no business.

At this time I saw the benefit of joining a variety of networking groups. Having joined Business Network International, I got to know Claudia Lowry, the Executive Director of BNI North Peninsula. It was in conversation with her — when I was describing to her what my ideal job would be - that she offered me a Master Franchisee Partnership with her at Asentiv whose vision is to be the world leader in helping entrepreneurs to create Referrals For Life®.

I now run training workshops in South Africa, for business owners that want to take their business to the next level – helping men and women who are committed to building strategic relationships, and have realized that to grow their business they are required to do more than practice arbitrary word-of- mouth marketing, posting on Facebook and handing out business cards.

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Specialization: Connecting people

Target Marketing Trainer

Success 101 Trainer

Certified Networker® III Trainer

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