Black Hat


Black Hat PPC is brought to you by the Black Hatters – pioneers of search marketing. We are an underground community of search marketers who are passionate about all things 'Search' and unite in one common goal....

Finding new ways to get around Google

Whilst sharing our knowledge to improve our search marketing campaigns, whether that be SEO, PPC, affiliates or display advertising campaigns.

Who are we?

We work in Search Marketing and have over 25 years of combined knowledge of running PPC campaigns in numerous different industries and in over 30 different countries around the World.

We hold positions as MD's, Head of Search, Account Manager's and Analysts for some of the top Search Marketing agencies in the UK, along with positions within Google and Affiliate Network themselves.

Why Black Hat PPC?

We want to share our knowledge with others and in turn learn from others view regarding Black Hat PPC. The World of PPC is changing so rapidly that there are always new developments and ideas. We wanted to have a forum to share our knowledge and thoughts on everything PPC related.

Why the Secrecy?

Very simply, the views that we hold are our own and are not endorsed by the companies that we work with and we wanted to share our views without any constraints.

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