Alexander Blackwell

United States

I was born 11/24/1994 in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Survived meteor shower recently. Finished high school by external studies. Currently on my way to the USA. I'm fluent in English and Russian, a great leader, a perfectionist, a vegan and a ladies' man. Neuro-linguistic programming and kundalini yoga are my favorite spiritual things to do. Passionate about TV series and surviving activities. I was selected from 11500+ people to participate in a show about surviving on a desert island. Today, I'm opened for various types of casting and collaboration. Feel free to contact me ;)

If you're Russian and interested in immigration process and how to prepare yourself for it - you can subscribe on my YouTube channel

I'm looking for entertainment professional. Right now, I have a feature-length thriller script with some sci-fi and horror elements called 'House Museum'.

Logline: A young girl goes to a mysterious place, where her missing father worked and finds out that he was involved in a large complex of scientific, on-the-edge-of-real science facilities that poses unique threats and secrets of their own.

If you'd like to take a look at synopsis or script, just let me know. It's currently on InkTip, so you can find it there too.