Lennart Bladh

Life Coach and Project Manager in Stockholm, Sverige

Lennart Bladh

Life Coach and Project Manager in Stockholm, Sverige

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I am a father, P.E-teacher, inventor and system developer. Born in Stockholm, now living an active life. I do dayly meditation at 528Hz, eat as healthy as I can once a day, and train anaerobic 2-3 times a week.

I like to develop things in life and help people find their own skills and goals. I have got help by telepathy from other developed people ( Mantis) to develop Holistic Profile . A measurably method for people to get help with their awareness i 7 different areas. You can read more about the details here. http://webcoachab.se/?p=1688

Our goal is to evidens base the Holistic system together with Uppsala University. To investigate what is because of the physical, menthal or spiritual perspective. In a longitudinell interdisciplanery study for 5 years on Gotland. Where people will get the Holistic tool för Free!

We will build everything in pogram for mobile phones and no teachers or coaches are needed. Everything can be done by the individual or together with a friend. This is all about consciousness!.

With the same questions and ready answeres many things can be done to help even more people to get a healthy lifestyle. And it will be possible to connect a database to learn more about our human habits. But the main purpuse is to try to develop people by free will. After they have been aware of their situation in the 7 different parts in colour and number, people can use the best helpers in the world in each field. By connecting them online from the phone-application, if they want. I also think a Daoistic philosophy by Allan Watts will be perfect to add to this.

Do we really know what's the best way to get this sustainable lifestyle over time? That is something I would like to investigate. Together with Mantis I also think it will be possible to build a sustainable Tribe-living on Gotland, where people help each other, and grow the food they eat. And where we use modern technic to optimise energy by usling wind, sun and maybe other free energies. When this is developed I dont think we need any money at all.

We can also investigate if a Matriachal Holistic Tribe-living is better then to live a traditional way. By usling the Holistic Profile to measure it in the same longitudinell study.

I also hope to get enough money to investigate the same in Ghana where I know an entrepreneur that we can communicate and learn together with.

But to get the money for this huge project it is connected to my own development