Blaine Parker

Park City, UT

Think of him as a poor man's Hal Riney. Blaine is a multi-award winning Creative Director and writer with a special focus on big brand thinking for small business. He is co-author of the controversial small business book, Billion-Dollar Branding: Brand Your Small Business Like A Big Business And Make Great Things Happen. The book reflects the sensibilities that he and his wife, The Fabulous Honey Parker, bring to their agency, Slow Burn Marketing. Additionally, with the voice of a much taller man, he's heard daily selling many of his clients as well as national advertisers on broadcast stations from NY to LA. His previous lives include stand-up comic, film production footsoldier, Hollywood screenwriter, and professional yacht bum. A graduate of Boston University, Blaine is also an amateur pizzaiolo as well as brewmaster for the Short & Busty Brewing label.

  • Work
    • Slow Burn Marketing LLC
  • Education
    • Boston University