Blaine Sato

Calgary, Ab, Canada

Yup, that's me over there.

I'm not wearing a hat, which is odd.

Usually I have a half dozen on... web designer, developer, copywriter, SEO, graphic designer, head of IT, marketer, visionary, entrepreneur.

Web Specialist + Graphic Designer sums up my role nicely.


I help small + medium businesses get ahead online with deliberate and clear copywriting, attractive + customer-focused design, robust code and effective SEO.

I specialize in Local SEO, to get my clients' websites more traffic, and my emphasis on website conversions turn those visitors into sales.


But I'm not just a service ... I'm actually human.

I even have interests.

Like doing silly impressions for my kids, making electronic music, keeping nimble with a footbag, or enjoying a fine whiskey.

Or doing all of those at once... while golfing.

Yeah, it takes focus.

When I'm not being a goof, I'm a hard-workin' son-of-a-gun with a bit of a Workahol problem. I can admit that. But it makes me dependable, thorough and someone you can trust. And my clients attest to that.

I'm incredibly detail-oriented, I work with pride and I stand behind everything I do.

I hope we get to know each other.

Drop me a line.

  • Work
    • Kenoshi Creative Inc.
  • Education
    • University of Calgary - B.Sc. Computer Science