Blair Erich

I am a recent cum laude graduate from the University of Florida and I am searching for an entry level position in production or writing in NYC to pursue my dream of working in television, film, and comedy.

Reasons why YOU want ME on your team:

1. A short film for which I wrote the screenplay was accepted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

2. I am currently a freelance writer for the Brooklyn Courier.

3. I wrote sketches for and performed as a comedian in a very successful original comedy sketch show called "The Funny Woman Show" this past April.

4. I have experience working in television. I interned at local ABC news affiliate WPBF, as well as the University of Florida's news station, WUFT. I worked as a graphics producer, an audio tracker, and I wrote countless stories for anchors.

If you feel that I would make a great fit at your company or studio, you are correct. If you would like to act upon these feelings or see a less abridged version of my resume, my e-mail is: