Hell in Pennsylvania

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hey im alphys and this is hell

100% me, not even ids:

alphys (undertale)


rosalina (super mario)

blake belladonna (rwby)

leafstar (warriors)

penny crygor (warioware)


inkling girl (splatoon)

honoka kousaka (love live)

ivypool (warriors)

nautilus (cucumber quest)


canyon (adventure time)

pippi osu (yandere simulator/osu)

cocoa (neko atsume)

velvet scarlatina (rwby)

ruby kurosawa (love live sunshine)


sable (animal crossing)

giffany (gravity falls)

speckles (neko atsume)


fluttershy (my little pony)

nona (oxenfree)

i dont claim the races of these characters, or say i have faced the same oppression some of these characters have gone through. i kin with them simply because i relate to their personalities and feel a connection with them. i do not choose my kintypes. please do not ask me to change them. i can't.

don't follow if you are kin/id with:

any characters under 100% me, ids, primary or secondary (except inklings)

adam taurus (rwby) (he makes me uncomfortable)

ask to follow if you kin/id with (unless i follow first):

any characters under tertiary

certain characters under primary or secondary, if i follow first and we share one of those kintypes its ok to follow back without asking

ok to follow if you kin/id with:

any characters under questioning

other about page: (its kind of outdated and i'd update it but i forgot the password and i cant reset it for some reason) so some other things i cant put there are:

blake x adam makes me extremely uncomfortable please tag it (the rwby ship)

i have no fucking idea what my gender is but just use she/they for now

i dont know what my sexuality is either but i think im panromantic