Blanca E. Duarte

New York

"Universal access to technology will change the way we understand information and each other. It is essential to the continuing evolution of an informed, educated, global, society." - Blanca E. Duarte

I am the co-founder of LogicWing, a technology consulting company focused on creating and sustaining 21st century learning environments.

First generation, first born. Survival is in my blood.
Daughter of a farmer who arrived with $25 in his pocket.
Married to a realist who helps to make it happen.
Daughter's an inspiration. Independent. Starting young.
Aquarius: creative and idealistic. Future Oriented.

Passions: Family, Friends, Our Children, Our Communities, Learning, Leading

  • Work
    • LogicWing, Inc.
  • Education
    • Long Island University
    • CUNY Queens College