Blake Higginbotham

Marketing Professional in Tennessee

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I am a marketing professional and entrepreneur who has been self-employed most of my adult life. I have fully embraced the direct selling industry as a honorable profession. I have enjoyed success in life and continue to achieve most of my established goals. Most of my success and achievement have been directly related to my understanding of definite major purpose. I believe that I was born for a much greater purpose and a part of my destiny is making a difference and changing the world in which I live! "Live The Life You've Been Given" blh "A Man Cannot Fully Embrace His Future Until He First Releases His Past" blh Both of these truths have served to propel me forward and upward as it pertains to life and business. The goal is Productivity, Usefulness and Advancement. It is not about making all the money in the world, or having everything that money can buy; it is about being debt-free and financially independent! It is about discovering something that will help all of us redeem our time and life,and at the same time, help others make the same discovery! If you are tired of a cookie cutter job and a questionable existence in a changing global economy, then take the next step toward financial independence, and come with us. Together we will explore the limitless possibilities afforded to us as marketing professionals. If you are up to the challenge then together we will succeed, and together we will establish an income for life!

Thank you very much for your time and interest.

Abundant Blessings;

Blake Higginbotham

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