Aldridge Fagan

Some outreach specialists create content first, then outreach to bloggers, and some (like us) develop a connection with all the blogger first and then discuss chances for setting content or linking out to resources. Whichever way you approach it, there is a common dilemma of finding and connecting to lots of bloggers in your target audience and niche. This post is designed to supply you with a great insight on where to locate outreach opportunities and all those bloggers. #keyword# #links#
Below are some practical hop to links:
Hack #1 - Search Engines & Blog Directories
Hack #2 - Report & Site Aggregators
Hack #3 - Site Badges, Banners & Communities
Hack #4 - Assess Website Remarks
Hack #5 - Check Inbound Links to Websites
Hack #6 - Check Inbound Links to Competitions
Hack #7 - Google It
Hack #8 - Paid for Crowdsourced Applications
Bonus Hack - Link Klipper
I think Google Blog Search wants a reference here. It ended up being a manner of searching blog sites indexed by Google and regrettably as you'll have detected this fizzled out and was discontinued last summer (May 2014). There is an alternative method to search blogs on Google though:
Just visit Google News, type your search query like 'autos' and then click 'search tools'
Change the second setting from 'All News' to 'Sites' and hey presto :)
Whilst it won't only bring you every blog upward in that kind, it will display the most newsworthy posts from websites.
Hack #1 - Website Directories & Site Search Engines
There certainly are a number of 3 Ways Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Web Audience where bloggers can add their website and site search engines. These are merely a few of them but they permit blogs to be found by you easily within classes and sub-types in just a couple clicks. It's then a case of filtering them out and expressing them to match your quality metrics. (Blog Directory) (Blog Directory) (Blog Directory) (Blog Directory) (Blog Directory) (Blog Directory Best of The Web) (Blog Directory) (Top 50 Blog Directory) (Blog Directory) (Blog Directory) (Blog Direc