Social For Social Good

Melbourne, Australia

Technology and social media are giving everyday people a voice. No longer do you have to read an acticle about climate change or the treatment of asylum seekers in Australia or the behaviour of our politicans and feel powerless and unable to "do" anything. If you are a blog you can write a post and garner feedback from your audience. If you are on social media you can share your passions with your followers and others who share the same passion. You can tweet politicans, you do your bit to bring about social change and social good.

Social For Social Good is a friendly place where we can learn, share and inspire each other about using your voice to bring about social change.

Following @blog4socialgood means:

- we will tweet interest articles about social enterprises, social good and NGO campaigns we come across that you may find of interest;

- suggest people you might like to follow ;

-share with you what's happening in the key campaign areas catching the worlds attention now for eg climate change and the treatment of asylum seekers;

Blog4socialgood is curated by @annnolan. If you want to get involved or help curate the content please DM.