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Derrick Harpers Prosperity Funnel System (WFS) and Developmental Performance Experts (DPC )Introduces One to the Wonderful World of BLOGS

Boynton Beach, FL May 6, 2008

Im sure most of you've heard the words website, blogger, or blogging.

I dont have a clue what they're talking about if you are anything like me you've probably considered to your-self! Perhaps you have had that experience before?

If so, to not fear since we, at Developmental Performance Consultants along with Derrick Harpers Wealth Funnel System of online-marketing education, want to share with you some information and insight in to the great world of BLOGS and how you can use this web 2.0 technology program to truly get your products/services and company more publicity on the world wide web.

What is a BLOG? Take what Web + sign = Website.

A website is, in case for this article, textual in information and can be an on the web interactive record used to construct relationships between you and your potential/existing clients.

There are certainly a few Blog Platforms to Stand Alone Blog Platforms and get familiar with; Hosted Blog Platforms.

A few of the Hosted Blog Platforms DPC and WFS use are: Blogger, MySpace, and Word-press. This impressive kalatu blogging system paper has oodles of witty suggestions for how to provide for this thing. They're Free, user friendly, simple to implement, and are listed to the Se's quickly.

The other type of Website Platform is the Stand Alone Platform and they include: Word-press (which is currently #1 out of the top 50 Blog Spots), and ProBlogger. These are both Free to post to but, there's a domain name fee, and a hosting fee you are responsible for. If you require to dig up further on blog, we recommend heaps of libraries people might think about investigating.

Among the advantages of the Standalone Blog Platform is you can publish the blogs directly on your company's site. You can even be described as a bit more creative in the design of the Blog rather than the standard templates identified with the Hosted Blog Platforms. Discover further on a guide to kalatu blog by going t