B.L.O is a musical genius waiting to be noticed.Living proof that hard work & determination can gain the respect of others.Born Ronald C Bullock, this Bronx, NY native grew up in the 80's & was heavily influenced by the music scene. He was influenced by hip hop themed movies such as Kid & Play's "House Party" & The Fat Boys' "DisOrderlies". Growing up Ronald started rapping as a gimmick to impress the cute girl sitting next to him in his class,didn't really take it as a serious manner though. He didn't know it was possible for kids as young as him to do it. A few months later, Kris Kross, a group consisting of two kids who was just 2 years older than Ronald, emerged onto the music scene & became the biggest hip hop act of the year. This is what drove Ronald into wanting to be a fulltime musician. After watching Kris Kross' success, Ronald attempted to build a rap crew consisting of his friends & set the goal for them to break into the business as a group, but this grew unsuccessful because none of the friends had the same passion towards accomplishing the goal as Ronald did & eventually this would show a few years later when Ronald would sign up his crew, then known as the Hip Hop Kidz, for a talent show & ended up performing solo due to the group's lack of seriousness. This eventually became a defining moment. Ronald, now going under the stage name of II Cold B.L.O went on to perform solo, unexpectedly rocking the crowd with the first verse of a song he wrote at the last minute, but even more unexpectedly forgetting the words to the second & last verse of the same song. The feeling of humiliation & shame set a now even more determined B.L.O off, his new goal was to avenge this bad experience by having a successful career in the music business. This was a new beginning for B.L.O; he would eventually kill off his rap crew, the Hip Hop Kidz, & create a record label to show how serious he was about his new goal. The label was called H.H.K Entertainment but was renamed Bomb Baby Unlimited, Bomb Baby after a deceased friend & first official artist on the record label (Purcell 'Baby Bomb' Young) & Unlimited because he did not want his company to be limited to just music & entertainment. As a side note, he was just 14 years old when he started this label. Over the time B.L.O has not only grown as a devastating mc, he also grew as a good business man with an innovative mi