Bobby Handmaker

Florida, United States

Known for empowering his employees and helping them become leaders in their own right, Bobby Handmaker has always had the spirit of a servant leader burning strong in him. Aside from being the President and CEO of Handmade Restaurants, LLC doing business as Cruisers Grill, Robert Handmaker is also involved in building his real estate business. He is also passionate about getting more involved with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which is a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and the Executive Branch of the United States. For Bobby, anti-Semitism has no place in a progressive society, especially the US.

Despite his strong feeling against anti-Semitism, Bobby Handmaker maintains equanimity in all his everyday dealings. He is known to be a level-headed yet forward-facing inspirational leader who is ready to lend a hand no matter who needs it. This has enabled Bobby to maintain his stable leadership of his own companies. Gifted with a sincere nature, Bobby Handmaker pursues excellent and straight business practices in running his businesses. He considers his employees as partners in continuous growth. Bobby aims to meet each of his employees at least one each year in order to know their goals and be able to help in achieving them. This has resulted in consistently happy service, something that all the Cruisers Grill restaurants he owns are recognized for.

When people dine in a Cruisers Grill restaurant operated by Bobby Handmaker and his team, they will notice a distinct quality about the food: Freshness. Bobby takes pride that his restaurants whip up their own sauces, dressings and marinades. Even the breading of the restaurants’ popular fish sandwiches is done by hand. The restaurants also do not use heat lamps, ensuring perpetually fresh ingredients prepared in the cleanest and most hygienic conditions to ensure a consistently terrific dining experience.


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    • Handmade resturants
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    • Washington University