Bob Jacobs

Deputy Associate Administrator, Communications in Washington, DC

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Bob is a recognized leader in social media engagement, strategic and crisis communications, and innovative media development. During his career, he's directed projects and work that earned three Emmy Awards in Television, seven Webby Awards for best Internet site, and three Shorty Awards for best social media. Bob co-produced the agency's most popular NASA You Tube video with more than 31 million views. During his NASA career Bob has earned four agency medals for exceptional achievement, exceptional service, and outstanding leadership. He was responsible for the launch and still directs many of the agency's social media initiatives, and is responsible for NASA's Internet homepage and NASA Television.Bob is a senior NASA spokesperson who serves as a Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Communications and publicly represents the Office of Administrator and other senior agency leadership. He is responsible for directing and executing many of the agency's outreach activities.His creative communications approach led to the collaboration with author Andy Weir and producers of the award-winning film "The Martian." Bob directed a number of public and education events with Weir, the film's director and actors, including public premieres and videos with Ridley Scott, Matt Damon, and Jessica Chastain. He directed the collaboration on the Internet-based Third Rock Radio station and the highly-popular Angry Birds Space mobile gaming platform. Bob also developed, co-authored and edited four books, including "Hubble: A Journey through Space and Time" and "Apollo: Through the Eyes of the Astronauts," plus a children's book "The Astronauts Alphabet."A Nashville native, he earned a bachelor's degree from Middle Tennessee State University and a master's degree from Seton Hall University.

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