Bohuš Blahut

Chicago, Illinois, United States

The world of filmmaking has been my playground for over 20 years. I’ve gone from teaching at Columbia College, to creating film and video content for the BBC, PBS, MTV, Lego and Lollapalooza, to senior producing and co-hosting the nationally-syndicated morning talk show, Eye Opener. Never satisfied with a single creative avenue, I’ve produced segments for broadcast, radio, web and marketing, provided a wide variety of voiceover work, and even found time to become an editor for the new hub of vintage tech,

For years I’ve dreamt of the day when independent filmmakers could put their hands on the best quality gear, opening up their creativity without being forced to bend to the whims of Hollywood. For this reason, I actively embrace the power behind innovations in imaging tech and the web’s long-awaited video revolution.

If these things appeal to you, well – you’re in luck. Currently I provide marketing, creative and product design consulting to a number of companies in the DSLR photography/filmmaking space.

Give me shout. Don’t be shy.