Bojun Bjorkman-Chiswell

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bojun Bjorkman-Chiswell is an internationally-published freelance journalist and award-winning independent documentary filmmaker.

Between 2012 and 2014 she traveled solo to 62 cities, across five continents, to film the never before reported stories of world's One Billion Bicycles.

Bojun works brings a transformative perspective to the sustainable cities debate and delivers un-paralelled insights on:

- The global decline in the livability of cities: the reasons, the obstacles and the solutions.

- The global link between the bicycle and women's empowerment.

- The global 'cycle' in the use of the bicycle, and the relationship between the politics, culture and fashion of the day.

- The almost certain future of cities based on current global trends.

During the filming of the One Billion Bicycles series, Bojun covered the plight of 25,000 Kenyan bicycle-taxi workers fighting for the right to keep their jobs; the ability of the bicycle to pull women out of poverty; governments ignoring injury to hundreds of bicycle users every year; and the global phenonmenon of a massive decline in livability.

Bojun now publishes The Bike In My Life, a blog on everything women need to know to live the bicycle life, and is currently founding an online shop stocking the world's best bicycle fashion and accessories for women, discovered on her travels around the world.

Bojun has also worked as Story Consultant on local and internationally broadcast documentary films, and her own films have won and received honourable mentions at international festivals.

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