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MariannA B

Ciao Tutti!!

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My name is MariannA, and I am in-love with food, which has led me to my passion for cooking and baking! No, I am not an expert or wannabe chef. I am a simple person who just loves being in the kitchen. Stereotypes aside, my father is a chef and he loves his profession, but as for me, I would not survive those heated and stressful kitchens- If you have watched Hell's Kitchen, then you know exactly what a professional chef has to put up with and honestly- NO THANK YOU! I prefer cooking from my kitchen where it is stress-free!

I decided to call this blog Food Bliss because eating food brings me joy- correction, eating great food brings me joy. My husband can attest to that fact and you would not want to be around me when I am not satisfied at the dinner table. I wanted to create a blog to inspire people to get into the kitchen, not to just LIKE the yummy picture, but actually inspire you ...yes you... to get involved in the process. Often times, my friends are stumped on what to make for dinner or they are simply terrified to step foot in the kitchen. I am not going to lie sometimes you will make a cake and you will have to throw it out because you did something in the baking process that resulted in a semi-cooked cake, or there are times when you select the wrong ingredients to compliment each other and bye-bye supper...ohh and yes your kitchen will at all times be a mess and you will have tons of things to wash. But there is nothing better than after all that chaos to sit down and simply indulge in a decent meal- pure bliss!

I decided to put-up my favourite recipes which have either been adapted or inspired by outside sources. A very special source is the Italian food magazine called, A Tavola. I grew-up with these magazines since my father is a loyal fan. But now it's my turn to carry-on the torch because there is nothing better than sharing food ideas!

Buon Appetito!

MariannA Bonfà