Bonnielee Cuevas

Consultant, Public Speaker, and mentor in Tennessee

Bonnielee Cuevas

Consultant, Public Speaker, and mentor in Tennessee

Bonnielee Cuevas has dedicated her life to helping women.

Bonnielee is an advocate for important issues that affect women, families and our society. She works diligently to empower action and inspire change.

She is the founder and curator of Magic Moonflower, a lifestyle site that celebrates womanhood & sisterhood.

She is a Mentor, Speaker and Writer. She is also a Life and Spiritual Coach.

She believes that one should “Do nothing in life that doesn’t feel like magic”.

She has over a decade and a half of experience as a successful Entrepreneur in the Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and Wellness Industry. She was a Director for the American Tiny House Association. She was a trailblazer for the Tiny House Trailblazers. She left a lucrative fashion and fitness career to dedicate the rest of her life to holistic and sustainable living. She has also worked on and studied the metaphysical and its healing capabilities. She resides in a tiny house on a homestead (farm) in the majestic mountains of Tennessee with her family.

She is sexual abuse survivor and lives with Bipolar Disorder. She has worked her entire life to end mental health stigma and to inspire others to live a full and joyful life. She empowers women to own and live their truth.

She is also the owner of Bohemian EcoLove, her tiny house and off-grid homestead in the majestic mountains of Tennessee. She is a proud homeschooling mom to her teenage son and an animal rescuer.

She has been featured in (not limited to): Buzzfeed, Tiny House Podcast,Curvy Magazine, CBS Radio Minnesota on the Jordana Green Show, Volup2 Magazine, Fashion School Daily, Pensacola News Journal, ADWEEK, Business Insider, Jacksonville Daily News and Eye on Real Estate with Dottie Herman. She was also voted Vogue’s Top 1000 Influencer. She has also been an Onslow County’s Woman of the Year Nominee.

She is an avid speaker. She is a lover of Philanthropic causes & and a passionate volunteer. She has held wellness certifications in various modalities. She studies Journalism at Washington Adventist University and Fashion at Academy of Art University. She continues her studies in Holistic Living, Permac