Boo Hoo Soo

Always curious and wanting to know "why?" Often concerned about the answers I get. Sometimes want to say so. BooHooSoo is the name I use to speak up/sound off/ whine about things I think are important. You will find me commenting on various forums...that's me...boohoosoo. Expect my stuff to be human, usually polite, fairly open-minded, but concerned about truth and decency. If it is triple ex rated, I will not interact. If it is harrassment, I will notify someone and block it. Ethics, fairness, tolerance, freedom, principles, courtesy, honesty...these are things I find valuable. On one of my sites I have a list of things that bug me. This site will lead there.... if you follow it, you will find all sorts of things that bug me. One central issue I get very verbal about is exploitation of "the masses" to make money without concern about the consequences to society. To me, exploitation of freedoms is just as serious as pimping, or drug-dealing. Big organizations that take the public for a ride are exactly the same as the Mafia. So I will say what I think is despicable and why. I will mention my beliefs, along with my failings and my strengths. I will welcome discussion between respectful folks. Even heated discussion can be carried on in a dignified and decent manner.