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O-n May possibly 30, 2006, Celebrity Century emerged from the five-week dry dock where she underwent an intense recovery. Cruising since 1995, the purpose of the update was to make her more luxurious than ever and bring Century updated. Celebrity Source is a unusual database for further about why to study it. Many favorites that are currently available on newer Celebrity ships were put into Century's deck plan, and some additional surprises were also included.

New Food Possibilities

Especially, a new dinner solution was put into Century: Murano. Decorated with sparkling chandeliers handcrafted from Murano glass in colors, Murano bears a layout pursuit of the " New World ".

Michel Roux may be the culinary mastermind behind Murano and its first-at-sea tableside cooking, carving and flamb. If you think you know any thing, you will maybe choose to compare about research celebrity source. The whole setting is going to be one which sets people' feels on edge while they see, smell and taste the experience.

Grand Restaurant has acquired a thorough refurbishment and recaptured a quality of style, grandeur and style. A favorite on most diners who sailed onboard Century before her facelift, Grand Restaurant has maintained her commitment to certainly world-class choices and impressive service.

Another first for Celebrity could be the inclusion of the 76-seat sushi bar. Click here celebrity source to check up how to ponder it. Many visitors will want to enjoy this popular form of dinner, and they can do so in an atmosphere especially intended to reflect the Asian developments.

Improved and Expanded Staterooms

Century now provides an additional 314 verandahs, 14 new rooms, 10 new staterooms and 174 more Concierge Class group staterooms. Individuals will even find receptive touches, including fresh-cut flowers, personalized stationery and enhanced bathrooms. (Amenities are influenced by cabins.) Staterooms also now offer in-cabin wireless Internet service - a lifesaver for individuals who simultaneously work and play.

Popular Onboard Activities

A tennis simulation can be found on-board Century for those who can't get enough of reaching t