Upchurch Healy

These is my ponderance around the Way to obtain existence. Be taught more on an affiliated article by clicking celebrity source. It is not really a definitive report. It's just a manifestation of my own personal thoughts.

The problem for ponderance is: Can the Origin of existence be a thing?

If the source of existence is just a real thing, then who's the founder with this Being or thing call the Source?

Therefore can the Foundation be a thing or a subject? Could the Origin be real? Then how can it function as the final, if the Source can be an object? Because if it's an object/thing/Being, then who is the author with this object/thing/Being? If it is an object, by main-stream rationalisation, there should be an author with this object. Can something or a thing be already self-existing, If it's not so? This is indeed an extremely deep and paradoxical question. Be taught additional info on an affiliated site by browsing to the celebrity source. Be taught additional info about the celebrity source by visiting our fresh URL.

My estimation is that whenever we try to read the Source with your mind, we are actually looking to imagine/conceptualise the ungraspable. And by this very activity of our conceptualisation, Source becomes a concept/idea and in our mind it becomes 'objectified' and conceptualised. Metaphorically speaking, it's like a dog wanting to bite its own tail. We shall be going round and round in circles and still no sight of the Source can be seen.

From my understanding and view, there is in fact no section. It's a visual, experiential and perceptual illusion...a matrix as they say. Observer( me) and the being seen (other) is really a hypnotic thought... Making the look of 'me and other.'. This can be really difficult to explain. The nearest analogy is that life experience is similar to a dream of someone self. The individual self is just a fantasy character within the tapestry of living, when in reality. The ability of an individual reaching his/her environment can be an effect.

Many thanks for reading. I hope it has been interesting for you..