Boontalik Buadum

First name: Boontalik Surname: Buadum

Nickname: Book

Birthday: 16 August 1991

Address: 239 Nipatsongkhro 2 Road Hatyai Songkhla 90110

E-mail: b.boontalik@gmail.ccom

Telephone: 083-1928842

Hobby: read the book, exercise and sing a song.

Education: 1993-1996 Srisawangwong School

1997-2009 Thidanukhro School

2010-present Prince of songkhla University

Personality: I am cheerful, reasonable and optimistic. When I have a problem, I always solve it by myself. Moreover, I like to work with other people because I think that it will help me to get a lot of experience and knoeledge.

Interests: In the future, I want to be the international businesswoman because I have learnt about business and I want to use my knowledge to develop my business. More than that I want to contact with the foreigners for I can use my English language that I have learnt too.