Brandon Hair

Pastor in Castle Rock, Colorado

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I once made a list of nouns to describe who I am. I ended that list by referring to myself as, “writer of a never-ending list that is my life story.” But one day I realized that my life is more than a list of nouns. It is more than a collection of descriptive words that I take pride in. My life is made up of more than what I share on the highlight real that is my “Social Media feed.” My life is relationships and struggle. My life is success and failure. My life is love and loss. Love to give and love to receive. Yes I am a husband, a father, a brother, a son. Yes I am a dreamer, a writer, a leader and a lover. While these things describe me they do not define me. I am more than a list. I am more than a job title. I am more than a relationship.

I am a story teller; His story through my life. You are a story teller. And the story you possess is one the rest of the world needs to hear. Our stories have at least one thing in common; they are woven together as part of His story. While our individual stories seem self-contained I want you to know, that they are simply a part of the bigger picture. Your story is a chapter in His, a chapter that is needed to advance this story beyond the scope of our own individual perspective. I want to share my story. I would love it if you would join me and share yours.