Brandon Katz

“While Jesus beat me to the proverbial evangelistic punch with Brandon Katz (Christ had called Brandon to Himself – as his promised Jewish Messiah – a year or so prior to our meeting), Jesus did give me the privilege of incubating and developing what would become Brandon’s exceptional appreciation and capacity for Christian apologetics. The University of Maryland chapter of Ratio Christi would likely not exist today if Brandon had not been willing take on the responsibility of serving as the first student club president in 2012, a position he retained until his graduation in 2015. Because of his ever-increasing passion for evengelism and apologetics, Brandon committed in 2014 to more than a year of missionary work at my side as chapter co-director, a position to which I was delighted to appoint him one semester prior to his earning a Baccalaureate in Communications. That same God-given passion for reaching and intellectually convincing the lost on how to be found has motivated Brandon to attend seminary (with a degree emphasis in apologetics) when he has completed his year of missionary work with Ratio Christi and then pursue a Ph.D. from a secular university. Once credentialed as a legitimate historical scientist, Brandon plans to join the secular academic community as an expert witness and apologist for Christ, one of the most challenging and desperately needed careers available in the world today. I am delighted to call Brandon Katz my friend, colleague and brother in Christ. Some day I will likely also call him Professor.”

-Larry Lund, co-director with Ratio Christi at the University of Maryland and my personal apologetics mentor


“I am enormously impressed by the intelligence and diligence that Brandon Katz has brought to both the study and the doing of apologetics. Though we haven’t (yet!) had a chance to meet in person, I have had the opportunity to work with him as he increases in knowledge and skill. I wish that all of the Christians of his generation were this serious and capable.”

-Timothy McGrew, tenured philosopher at West Michigan University